About the Nursery

The MsK Nursery, located within the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden, carries on the work of Garden co-founder Mareen Kruckeberg who sought to provide interesting plants for Northwest gardeners. The Nursery is operated by the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden Foundation, and all proceeds from Nursery sales support the Foundation. Seattle rare and native plant nursery - MsK Nursery

Most plants are grown from seeds or cuttings that come from the Garden itself. We specialize in select exotics from the Garden’s collection and native plants from around the Pacific Northwest. The vegetation of the Northwest is diverse and beautiful, and we strive to make a large selection of these plants available to the public.

Our specialties include native plants for sun or shade, conifers, rarities from the Siskiyou Mountains and alpine areas of the Northwest, prairie plants, forest floor plants, lilies, and trilliums.

Check our inventory to see what species we offer! Call to confirm availability, as our selection fluctuates throughout the year.

We accept VISA and Mastercard. Sorry, but we do not ship plants. We are primarily a retail nursery, however, we offer a landscaper discount and frequently work with customers on large orders and projects.

Our Growing Philosophy

We do not use chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We use organic fertilizers and mycorrhizae, which are beneficial root fungi that enhance plant vigor. We make ecologically guided choices such as using coconut coir instead of non-renewable peat moss. Our plants are not over fertilized and destined to perish when they are planted. Many customers report that their plants grew substantially as soon as they were in the ground. All our plants are grown outdoors and are hardy in our Puget Sound climate.


The MsK Nursery was founded in 1969 by Mareen Shultz Kruckeberg and named with her initials. What began as a space for the Kruckebergs to propagate plants for the Garden soon evolved into a unique retail nursery. The Nursery is known for its annual Mother’s Day Sale and Open House, a tradition that began in 1987.