School Field Trips


Preschool / Kindergarten Field Trips

We offer a variety of seasonally appropriate field trips for preschool and kindergarten groups. Field trips last 60 minutes and include an introduction, a garden exploration and a related craft project.

Available Themes

Forest Layers
The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden has a naturalistic design, which feels more like taking a walk through the woods than what many expect of a botanic garden. It is a wonderful place to teach children about the different vegetation layers of a forest. Participants will explore the Garden and will make their own miniature forest out of twigs, leaves and other natural materials found on the ground. Seasonal Availability: Year Round

Garden Senses
The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden is a feast for the senses! It is a perfect place for young children to learn how to use those senses to explore the natural world. Our sensory walk will take participants through the garden and then everyone will make their own custom scented sachet out of aromatic plants from the garden. Seasonal Availability: Year Round

Fall Leaves
With an extensive collection of Maples and other fall foliage plants, the Kruckeberg Garden is alive with color in the fall. Why do some leaves change color in the fall? Learn why leaves are green and why some change color and fall off in the fall. Participants will explore the Garden looking for changing leaves and will make their own colorful leaves to bring home. Seasonal Availability: Autumn

Signs of Spring
The days might still be gray and rainy, but the signs of spring are all around us, if we know how to look for them. Come to the Kruckeberg Garden to watch the natural world start to wake up from a long winter. Participants will look for early signs of spring, make a newspaper pot and plant a seed to bring home. Seasonal Availability: Spring

Flower Power
The Kruckeberg Garden sports an amazing array of different types, sizes and colors of flowers. Learn about the parts of a flower and the purpose of flowers as you explore the garden on a flower treasure hunt. Participants will then make a colorful flower of their own to bring home. Seasonal Availability: Spring & Summer

Elementary School Field Trips

Thank you for your interest. We are unfortunately not able to host any Elementary School field trips at this time. You may reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.


Field Trips can be scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays (other days may be available), between 9am-2pm. Later afternoon times may also be available. We welcome you to stay after your program and bring a snack to enjoy onsite. We are currently taking bookings for our 2016 field trip season, which will begin in April.

The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden does not have an indoor gathering space at this time, the field trip will be held entirely outdoors. Please dress accordingly.

Adult / Child Ratio
Please bring at least one adult chaperone for every 8 students.

Program Fee
Our Acorn Fund keeps our field trip program accessible to a wide audience. Preschool / Kindergarten Field trips cost $50 for up to 15 children, $5/child for additional students.

Let's Book It!

To book a field trip, or for additional questions, please contact KBGF at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .