Construction of our long-awaited parking lot and entrance has started! A key part of the project so far was the relocation of the grove of four 15-foot tall Rhododendron auriculatum shrubs, beloved by visitors and favorites of KBG co-founder Mareen Kruckeberg. These giant rhodies were moved last week and are now in a new location in the garden. It was quite a spectacle!

  1. auriculatum is native to China, and unusual among rhodies in that they flower in late summer. For growers of this species, patience must be a virtue: The fragrant, white flowers are lovely, but it can take decades before they bloom.

KBG’s four specimens had grown together beautifully for 40 years. It was important that they be preserved and kept together as a group.

First, the rootballs were dug up and wrapped in burlap in preparation for transplanting.

A contractor conducted the relocation, with assistance by KBGF and City of Shoreline staff. One-by-one, the contractors lifted the rhodies out of their old home in our future parking area…

…placed them on a trailer…

…and moved them down the driveway past the Stewartia tree.

They were then placed in their new home: The former parking spaces of the caretaker and the Kruckeberg family.

The four rhodies are settling in and we hope that they thrive. Please come visit them soon!

As the parking lot construction continues, the KBGF staff and board of directors thank you for your patience. We hope that you enjoy the improved, safer access and ease of parking when you visit in the future.