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Walt’s Notes from the Garden | April, 2021

Walt’s Notes for March/April Can’t stop it – the advent of spring! Even with our cool to cold weather and quite a bit of rain to further keep temperatures down, buds are emerging, flowers appearing – it’s a busy time for the senses. One of my favorite harbingers of spring is the Oso berry, [...]

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Meet Hillary

Intern Profile: Hillary Ethe | February 2021 By Clare McLean Meet our new garden intern, Hillary Ethe, a horticulture student at Edmonds College. Her work for us is enriched by her background as a birder, volunteer forest steward and science educator. Q: What are you working on in the garden right now? Building beautiful [...]

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Walt’s Notes from the Garden | February, 2021

Walt’s Notes on the garden – February 2021 Whether gray or sunny, when walking through the garden I’m always struck by the overall greenness here. After/during a rain, our native plants especially radiate greens that just capture your eye.  Our native woods are not like those in the Midwest where I grew up and [...]

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Walt’s Notes from the Garden

Walt’s Notes on the Kruckeberg Garden – December, 2020 I had intended to venture into the garden after Thanksgiving to gather ideas on another article. Well, it was closed for the holiday but then it gave me a chance to take a better look at the plants along the front. Normally, these are not [...]

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2020 – Tips, Tricks, and Rules

Well, what a year it’s been… I began my role as a program coordinator with Kruckeberg last December. Fresh out of grad school, I was eager to start working with a small nonprofit like Kruckeberg. Eager to put what I had learned into practice and further the work my predecessor (and many others!) had done [...]

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Walt’s Notes From The Garden

Walt’s Notes – September, 2020 What was hidden is now being revealed. I’m referring of course to the various chemical compounds that have been submerged by the green in chlorophyll. With the advent of fall, the oranges of carotene, the reds of phycoerythrins, the yellows of xanthophyll get their chance. With shorter days and [...]

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Garden Reopening June 12th, 2020

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden has reopened to the public! A huge thank you to our community for your continued support of the Kruckeberg Botanic garden and MsK Nursery! Your support through memberships, donations, and online store sales has buoyed us through this public health crisis and Garden closure. For our safety and yours, Garden guests are [...]

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Walt’s Notes From The Garden

Spring is advancing now with more warmer days than not. I had a chance to visit the garden recently and was struck by how well the early bloomers, often referred to as ephemerals, look. The cool nights help keep some of these blooming longer than usual. A bumper crop of seeds should result this [...]

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Donate your used materials to KBG!

If you’re like me, the spring cleaning bug seems to have a bad bite this year. Consider donating your old arts & craft supplies to the Garden to be used in our future kids’ programming! Arts & Craft supply wish list: Paint (especially kid-friendly varieties such as water colors, tempera, and acrylics) Paintbrushes (all sizes, [...]

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Signs of Spring

Spring is in the Air! You may have noticed some of the signs of spring around your neighborhood: sunshine, new plants, buzzing insects, and singing birds.  Below are self-guided activities, lessons, and other resources for students and their families to explore springtime in the Pacific Northwest. Games & Activities SIGNS OF [...]

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