April Director’s Note

A tremendous THANK YOU to all those who came out to the Spring Ephemeral Plant Sale. This annual fundraising event for the garden leaped to a new high this year because of your support. We hope all those little treasures you picked up are finding snug, happy places in your own gardens, ready to greet [...]

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Walt’s Notes from the Garden | April, 2021

Walt’s Notes for March/April Can’t stop it – the advent of spring! Even with our cool to cold weather and quite a bit of rain to further keep temperatures down, buds are emerging, flowers appearing – it’s a busy time for the senses. One of my favorite harbingers of spring is the Oso berry, [...]

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March Director’s Note

Fritillaria pudica Earlier this month, I took a quick trip south to the border of Washington. White Salmon, to be exact. I have referenced this area before and have shared previous excursions with you photographically through Instagram and Facebook. I feel extremely fortunate to have been born there. In fact, I'm a fourth-generation descendant. [...]

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Meet Hillary

Intern Profile: Hillary Ethe | February 2021 By Clare McLean Meet our new garden intern, Hillary Ethe, a horticulture student at Edmonds College. Her work for us is enriched by her background as a birder, volunteer forest steward and science educator. Q: What are you working on in the garden right now? Building beautiful [...]

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Walt’s Notes from the Garden | February, 2021

Walt’s Notes on the garden – February 2021 Whether gray or sunny, when walking through the garden I’m always struck by the overall greenness here. After/during a rain, our native plants especially radiate greens that just capture your eye.  Our native woods are not like those in the Midwest where I grew up and [...]

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February Director’s Note

Hello garden friends, we made it. We certainly have more to do.  I'll leave that statement to your interpretation. Ambiguity is not my forte'; I lean more toward overshare. With that, let me report on the garden and focus on the good things happening here. Top of the list for me is the new hoop [...]

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Walt’s Notes from the Garden

Walt’s Notes on the Kruckeberg Garden – December, 2020 I had intended to venture into the garden after Thanksgiving to gather ideas on another article. Well, it was closed for the holiday but then it gave me a chance to take a better look at the plants along the front. Normally, these are not [...]

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2020 – Tips, Tricks, and Rules

Well, what a year it’s been… I began my role as a program coordinator with Kruckeberg last December. Fresh out of grad school, I was eager to start working with a small nonprofit like Kruckeberg. Eager to put what I had learned into practice and further the work my predecessor (and many others!) had done [...]

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December Director’s Note

We're nearing the end of 2020, and a big part of me wants to shout from the treetops, "Good riddance! Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!" And yet, even as I type that, I am immediately reminded of the bounty, the abundance, the copious amounts of support and encouragement from [...]

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November Director’s Note

November is upon us, shorter days, cooler weather, but the garden is cloaked in fall color. The Stewartia monodelpha in the upper garden entryway is a gradient of gold to red with its warm copper-colored trunk. It shines in the afternoon sunlight. This morning's walk found the lower garden carpeted in golds and oranges with [...]

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