October Director’s Note

September closed out with a bang! We held our annual fundraiser, Garden Party, on September 26th. As a virtual event, we went into the planning process with trepidation, anxiety, dread...uncertainty. COVID19 has pushed us all to the edge of our abilities, only to show us that we are all capable of so much more. With [...]

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Walt’s Notes From The Garden

Walt’s Notes – September, 2020 What was hidden is now being revealed. I’m referring of course to the various chemical compounds that have been submerged by the green in chlorophyll. With the advent of fall, the oranges of carotene, the reds of phycoerythrins, the yellows of xanthophyll get their chance. With shorter days and [...]

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September Director’s Note

Our resident Barred Owl has been making frequent appearances, frequently heralded by the scritch-scritch of blue jays who are annoyed by its presence. One such arrival coincided with our after school youth program, completely upending the coursework. No problem though, it regaled them with antics and funny head swivels as they took turns making noises in different [...]

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The Conversation, has arrived

Before the arrival of Coronavirus, we had embarked on a memorial statue for our founder, Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg. Our motivation was to create a lasting moment in the garden but to also recognize that this would have been his 100th birthday this last March 21st. After a generous outpouring of donations towards the effort, the [...]

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August Director’s Newsletter

Castilleja or Indian paintbrush, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, July 2020 I think the word for what I'm about to say is, cliche', but honestly, how is it August? This year continues to dole out one unexpected revelation after the other. I woke up going about my day thinking it was Wednesday until I [...]

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Director’s Wish List 2020

These are things that we need and want for the garden: Garden Hoses 100ft x 3 (examples) 50-foot hoses are also helpful. Reliable Garden Vehicle - a full-size truck. It's time to donate the garden truck to NPR! Sadly, it's rusting out and the electrical is failing. In the meantime, we are in need of a [...]

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July Director’s Note

Life in the time of COVID-19. Seemed like a perfect time to head for the hills. Last year at our annual fundraiser, the staff and I auctioned ourselves off for a hike along the Old Sauk River trail. With all the upheaval from the pandemic, it didn't feel like it would happen. I'm happy to [...]

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Garden Reopening June 12th, 2020

Kruckeberg Botanic Garden has reopened to the public! A huge thank you to our community for your continued support of the Kruckeberg Botanic garden and MsK Nursery! Your support through memberships, donations, and online store sales has buoyed us through this public health crisis and Garden closure. For our safety and yours, Garden guests are [...]

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June Director’s Note

Just like that, we are in the month of June. The recent rains have buoyed up the flush of new foliage everywhere, the garden is lush beyond measure. I saw baby rabbits in the lower garden for the first time in three years of being here. Seeing them is both charming and alarming. I won't [...]

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Walt’s Notes From The Garden

Spring is advancing now with more warmer days than not. I had a chance to visit the garden recently and was struck by how well the early bloomers, often referred to as ephemerals, look. The cool nights help keep some of these blooming longer than usual. A bumper crop of seeds should result this [...]

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