Fall Edibles – Western Hazelnut

 Corylus cornuta var. californica -Western hazelnut It’s hard to beat the squirrels to these tasty nuts. You know they’ve been around seeing the opened shells on the ground but being squirrels, they also ‘squirrel’ away some in the ground for later. Trouble is they can’t remember where they planted all of them so expect seedlings [...]

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Fall Edibles – Red Elderberry

Sambucus racemosa - Red Elderberry You really need some elbow room to grow our native elderberries as they want to spread out to 20’ due to their rather weak wood. Red Elderberry fruits are not tasty raw but best cooked/boiled to use in jellies, pies, and the like. Some will add elderberry flowers to pancake batter. Better tasting [...]

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September Director’s Note

Goodness, where has the summer gone? Already September is cruising right along. Life in the garden is pretty tranquil, especially with the tich-tich-tich of the sprinklers running in multiple corners. The cottage removal project is complete, and we have staged the nursery retail tables in the new space. Thanks to the City of Shoreline for [...]

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August Director’s Note

As I sit here typing at my kitchen island, a gentle rain has fallen and lifted my mood. Looking out my kitchen window, there's a Tetrapanax papyifera 'Steroidal Giant', bejeweled with raindrops and dripping steadily from its giant palmate leaves. Oh, the days when we complained of too much rain. Even my sunbaked lawn looks [...]

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2021 Director’s Wish List

Hello friends, last year's director's wish list was so successful for us, I thought I would issue a new list for the garden. There are three areas of opportunity to consider this year. As always, any consideration of support for these efforts is very much appreciated. Item #1 Fall Bulbs ($500 would be a good [...]

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Walt’s Notes Form the Garden | August 2021

Walt’s Notes for August Whenever I come to the garden, it’s such a relief on a hot day to step into the cool forest immediately after the parking lot. It sets the stage that this is primarily a shaded garden. Many of the lower plants, shrubs, and groundcovers reflect this preference. Where openings allow [...]

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Juneteenth 2021 – The Bottle Tree

The Bottle Tree The American Bottle Tree has a rich history in Americana that reaches back to Africa and tracks with the story of slavery in the southern US and more recently adopted as garden art in today’s backyards. The belief that spirits lived in glass bottles dates back to 1600 BC in Africa, [...]

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Juneteenth 2021 – Ron Finley

Ron Finley Community activist and “Gangsta Gardener,” Los Angeles Ron Finley is an urban gardener and community activist/ organizer in South Central L.A., where he grew up with seven siblings. His early career began in fashion design, which was quite successful, but once the recession hit, his business collapsed. In 2010, he decided to [...]

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Juneteenth 2021 – Dr. Robert Jeffrey Sr.

Rev. Dr. Robert Jeffery, Sr. Clean Greens Farm & Market, Seattle, WA The Reverend Dr. Robert Jeffery Senior has been a lifelong advocate for building strong and self-sustaining communities. For nearly forty years, he has worked to empower BIPOC communities in the Central District of Seattle. Over the years, he has founded several campaigns [...]

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Juneteenth 2021 – Dr. Christopher Schell

Dr. Christopher Schell Assistant Professor, Sciences and Mathematics, University of Washington, Tacoma Chris Schell is an evolutionary ecologist and spokesperson for environmental justice. Dr. Schell’s research interests mesh with his concerns about environmental racism and the struggle for equity in communities of color. In addition to his teaching and research studies, he often counsels [...]

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