It’s Flu Season—have you had your Vaccinium?

by Dawn W Todd, Intern Sorry, sorry, I couldn’t help myself! I wanted to tell you a Christmas story, but I got carried away by plant lore (as usual). I’ll tell you the story and then carry you along with me. My husband Howard wanted seeds for Christmas. He had come across a website that [...]

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The Trumpet of a Prophesy!

by Dawn W Todd, Intern The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind, If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? From: Ode to the West Wind, by Percy Bysshe Shelley You know what else is the trumpet of a prophecy of spring?  Hamamelis. You see it above, a picture of three different kinds of witchhazel [...]

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Speaking of Wreaths…

By Dawn Wagner Todd, MsK Nursery Intern Ancient gold wreath found in subway dig The Kruckeberg annual wreath-making event, in conjunction with my Propagation class final project, got me to wondering…how long have folks been making wreaths? It turns out they’ve been making wreaths a long time. The photo above is a gold wreath of [...]

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Art, Nature, and Awe

Dawn Wagner Todd, MsK Nursery Intern Our Wood Wave Dedication Ceremony on November 16th was a wonderful event. The excitement in the air was tangible; the warmth of spirit was a welcome counterpoint to the chill of autumn. Bruce Johnson’s amazing piece, made from a 1000-year-old redwood root system, was well described by donor [...]

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Mysterious Visitor on Halloween

By Dawn Wagner Todd, MsK Nursery Intern I had an apparently ghostly visitation as I potted baby Myrica last Friday.  I kept hearing a rapping sound, as if someone were working with tools nearby. I thought I was alone, and each time I looked around I saw nothing but the silent autumn trees.  Enjoying the [...]

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My Story

By Brianne Zorn, KBGF Executive Director The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden (KBG) is an important part of the Northwest horticultural community, and it resonates differently with each person. Why is KBG important to me? It was the first place I saw a Helwingia chinensis (Helwingia) in bloom, one of two species in an uncommon genus. I [...]

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Upholding the Kruckeberg Tradition

By Brianne Zorn, Executive Director This year, we revived the Kruckeberg tradition of collecting specimens in the wild. For years, Art and Mareen Kruckeberg, with family and friends in tow, made journeys to the far reaches of the Northwest to collect seeds and cuttings to grow in their garden. This September, in the spirit of [...]

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Fall is Fern Reproduction Time!

By Heidi Koonz, KBGF Staff Horticulturist It’s getting to that time of year where many gardeners are itching to ‘work’ in their gardens again. Ordering seed catalogs, planning for fall planting, etc. are enough to keep the leagues of the green thumbed ones happy in the interim. But what about trying your hand at something [...]

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Sentinel Plant Network

By Brianne Zorn, KBGF Executive Director Last week, Heidi and Brianne attended a training on the Sentinel Plant Network organized by the American Public Gardens Association. The mission of the Sentinel Plant Network is: The Sentinel Plant Network contributes to plant conservation by engaging public garden professionals, volunteers, and visitors in the detection and diagnosis [...]

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