The Witches’ Broom Crashes Down

Garden visitors in past years may have noticed the witches’ broom growing in the Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) near the Garden’s entrance. Witches’ brooms are abnormally dense growth in a woody plant triggered by physical damage, insect infestation, a parasite, or disease. Well, ours hit the ground this week when its branch snapped. No surprise [...]

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The Garden Staff’s Plant Picks for Winter

Winter is now upon us, and with the new season comes an appreciation of a new set of plants. The plants that shone over the summer and fall now fade into the background, and only a select group of plants earn our admiration during the gray days of winter. What are our Garden staff’s favorites [...]

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Fall Fungi

Though mushrooms can be found throughout the year, there is a flush of them each Fall. A walk through the Garden this season reveals a multitude, and we are thrilled to now have an online list of the fungi found in the Garden. Mycophile Tim Sage has visited the Garden twice this month to create [...]

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It Must Be Fall: The Tree and Shrub Sale is Here Again

Each year I know it is fall when the air cools down and the planting bug bites me. Thankfully, it’s also when nurseries and horticultural organizations all around the Puget Sound region have fall sales. The Kruckeberg Botanic Garden’s annual Fall Tree and Shrub Sale is here, October 7-9 and 14-16. Don’t miss it! At [...]

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The Garden Staff’s Plant Picks For Fall

Watch our blog for a fun new feature each season: The Garden staff’s seasonal plant picks! Our dedicated horticultural staff, Heidi, Roseann, Vicki, and Sarah, have worked at the Garden for a combined 23 years. We’ve come to love our plant collection and have found many favorites over the years. Here are some of our [...]

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Container Gardens, Kruckeberg Style

Here at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden we are willing to grow almost any plant in a small container garden, especially ones not typically found in containers. Dogwoods, larches, or oak trees? Sure. Yes, these are supposed to be large trees, but why not. How about a bog garden full of wetland plants? Sounds good to [...]

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Fall Into Phenology

Fall Into Phenology - Help us support Project BudBurst's Equinox Event by helping us log 100 reports from the Garden between September 17-26. Choose a plant at the Garden and record a few simple observations about it. Support citizen science! Don't know what phenology is? Project Budburst's website explains it well: "Changes in weather with [...]

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Perennial Plants Sale: Part II

Yellow tags are popping up like weeds in the MsK Nursery in preparation for this weekend’s sale on perennial plants. Come by on Saturday and Sunday and look for the yellow tags to save 30-50% on select spring and summer flowers, groundcovers, and grasses and sedges. We’ve marked down prices on the following: Yellow tree [...]

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The Cyclamen Return

Welcome back, Cyclamen hederifolium! Late each August, the ivy-leaved cyclamen send up their pink and white flowers all around the Garden. Their floral display starts as a trickle, with just a flower or two visible here and there, and becomes a cascade that peaks a few weeks later. They ivy-leaved cyclamen will flower throughout the [...]

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