Workshops – What fun!

It has been a pleasure to watch our spring and summer workshops unfold this season. Our workshops on hypertufa and sand-casting a leaf birdbath were the most popular. Both of these crafts tap into our inner child’s desire to play in the mud! We have another fun workshop coming up this September: “Bog-In-A-Bucket.” At this [...]

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Fall School Programs

Last spring we were thrilled with the popularity of our new field trip program for preschool and early elementary groups. We are excited to launch the school field trips page of our website, debuting our new fall field trip themes. Our field trips follow the same principals as our popular Garden Tots program. Children develop [...]

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Native plants dig compost

Phase I of our soon-to-be-installed Northwest Native Plant Demonstration Garden came closer to reality this week thanks to a donation from Cedar Grove Compost and a crew of workers from Earthcorps! The hard-working crew spread twenty-five yards of compost in the garden area. They also cleared vegetation, rototilled the planting beds, and otherwise helped prepare [...]

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GardenParty 2011

GardenParty 2011, the Garden’s signature fundraising event, took place on the evening of June 9. With a good crowd of attendees, lively jazz music, and a fun silent auction, the event was a success! Shoreline’s lovely City Hall building was a great venue for the event. The attendees had a good time [...]

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RIP, Plants

At some point, every gardener just has to give up and admit it: The plant is dead. Winter often has casualties, and each spring we wait to see if those plants that remain brown and leafless will leaf out. Well into June now, we must resign ourselves and get out the saw. This year’s dead [...]

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Flowering Now At The Garden

In the span of a few weeks the Garden has gone from relatively leafless to a green jungle, and the number of plants in flower has tripled. When you visit the Garden, don’t forget to look up, down, and all around, or you’ll surely miss something great. The courtyard’s prominent California flannelbush (Fremontodendron californicum) [...]

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The 2011 Mother’s Day Sale

The Garden’s annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale and Open House has now come and gone for another year. As always, it was a fun gathering of Garden supporters, plant enthusiasts, and families exploring the outdoors together. Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed! This year, 760 people attended the Sale and most left with [...]

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Give a Native Plant a Home

Native Plant Appreciation Week is May 1-7. In honor of the occasion, the other day I counted all the Pacific Northwest native plants on the MsK Nursery’s inventory list. Wow! There are currently ­270 native species growing in the MsK Nursery. What a great tribute to the legacies of Art and Mareen Kruckeberg, two pioneers [...]

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This year we mean it: Part two

The Garden staff has found even more plants to hoard for the Mother’s Day Sale. Every year we say we’ll save special things for the sale, only to cave in and sell a few beforehand. This year we mean it – They are only available at the sale! We’ve now set aside the following plants: [...]

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