Bugs, insects, and other creepy crawlies abound in the garden!

…But that’s a good thing!

This week’s activities explore the wacky world of bugs, learn about all the wonderful things these critters can do for our gardens!


WHAT IS AN INSECT? Learn a little bit more about insects with these investigations for students pre-k through 2nd grade by Home Science Tools.

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY INSECTS? – Insects truely are amazing! Watch this video, then participate in online activities and discussion with TedEd. 

THE SPITBUG – Have you ever seen tiny white bubbles on plant stems and leaves? Learn about the surprising critter that makes this “spit” with this short video by the New York Times.

Activities & Games

CREEPY CRAWLY SCAVENGER HUNT – Don’t be scared! Look for these tiny garden critters and learn how they can help the garden!

RELAX WITH SPRINGTIME BUG YOGA – Join the Woodland Park Zoo for some fun yoga poses inspired by our tiny garden friends, bugs!

Still craving some relaxation? Join ARNOLD THE ANT for storytime yoga by Cosmic Kids Yoga!

LADY BUG RACE Pretend to be lady bugs as you race to see who gets to eat all the aphids for lunch! Print and play this fun and easy board game for all ages brough to you by the National Wildlife Federation.

MAKE A BUG ZOO – Make a cozy home for insects with these instructions from Home Science Tools.

Arts & Crafts

DRAW A BANANA SLUG! – Learn to draw a pacific northwest celebrity! No, not sasquatch, the banana slug! Brought to you by Jed Dunkerley and the Burke Museum.

COLOR & LEARN – Printable worksheets with fun facts about some of our most famous garden insects by Preschool Mom.

MAPLE SEED DRAGONFLIES Sometimes the simplest crafts have the most stunning results. Create your own colorful dragonflies with simple garden materials. Brought to you by Church Street Designs. Want more inspiration? Learn HOW TO TURN STUFF FROM YOUR YARD INTO STUNING INSECT SCULPTURES with Raku Inoue and CBC Arts.

INSECT COLORING PAGES – Beetles, butterflies, ladybugs, and more! Check out these stunning coloring pages by Coloring Nature.

GARDEN ROCK CATERPILLAR – Make a whimsical garden decoration out of rocks with these instructions by NellieBellie. Don’t worry, these caterpillars won’t nibble on your plants.

DARKLING BEETLE – Print, cut, and assemble your very own darkling beetle by Home Science Tools.

Videos & More

SHOULD WE EAT BUGS? – Did you know that insects are nutritious, delicious, and might just be the food of the future! Learn all about entomophagy with this video by TEDEd. Learn more about the EDIBLE INSECT FOOD MOVEMENT with this video from KQED.

NATURE’S MASTERS OF DISGUISE – Take a look at some of the amazing ways insects and bugs disguise themselves to hide, hunt, and find friends. This video was created by Maddie About Science and National Public Radio’s Science YouTube channel, SkunkBear.