Plants and Their People – Picea smithiana

Picea smithiana Morinda Spruce. This lovely Himalayan spruce is one of two spruces that feature pendant branches to give it a graceful look. The other is the Brewer spruce, another native to the Siskiyou mountains named in recognition of a Scottish gardener who was the first to grow this plant in Scotland in the [...]

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Plants and Their People – Salix scouleri

Salix scouleri Scouler’s Willow A native that grows either as a shrubby tree or as a single-trunked specimen up to 50’. Dr. John Scouler, a Scottish physician and scientist, accompanied David Douglas (of Douglas fir fame) on the 1825 expedition to the PNW or as they called it – "The Oregon Country". [...]

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Plants and Their People – Kalmiopsis leachiana

Kalmiopsis leachiana Kalmiopsis is a rare member of the rhododendron family found only in isolated pockets in the Siskiyou Mts of southwestern Oregon. Discovered in 1930 by Lila Leach, who along with her husband, created and donated their garden to the City of Portland (Leach Botanic Garden) in 1972 which features other plants collected [...]

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Plants and Their People – Pinus wallichiana

Pinus wallichiana Bhutan Pine, Himalayan White Pine. A distinctive five-needled pine with long, drooping needles. Needs to be out of windy sites to be shown to best effect. Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854) was a Danish surgeon and botanist who worked in India for the Danish East India Company and later for the British East India [...]

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Plants and Their People – Rhododendron williamsiana

Rhododendron williamsiana A dwarf species that has been hybridized numerous times to pass on its overall small size and hardiness. Light pink blooms add to its charm. Introduced in 1908 by the famous plant explorer Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson who found it growing in Sichuan, China. Named in honor of the plant breeder J.C. Williams [...]

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Plants and Their People – Mahonia piperiana

Mahonia piperiana ‘Piper’s Oregon grape’ is found in southern Oregon and northern California. Hummingbirds visit the abundant fragrant yellow blossoms which are best produced in a sunny environment. Charles Vancouver Piper (1867-1926) was born in Victoria, B.C. but spent his youth in Seattle, then a territory, and graduated from the UW in 1885. He [...]

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Plants and Their People – Rhododendron augustinii

Rhododendron augustinii An early purple flowering rhododendron of slender shape to 6’. Named after the British-born Irish plantsman and Chinese plant explorer Augustine Henry (1857-1930). He sent back over 15,000 dry plant specimens and seeds; of the 12 plants named in his honor, the KBG garden has this example and one more. It does [...]

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