Plants and their People pt.2 – Tolmiea menziesii (now Micranthes tolmiei)

Tolmiea menziesii (now Micranthes tolmiei) An evergreen herbaceous native also brought into cultivation by Archibald Menzies. William Fraser Tolmie was from Scotland and worked for Hudson’s Bay Co as a surgeon and botanist who also traded in furs and politics. Tolmie was the commander at Fort Nisqually from 1843- 1859 before moving up to [...]

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Plants and their People pt.2 – Mahonia nervosa

Mahonia nervosa Low/Cascade Oregon Grape. Typically below 2’ in height, this handsome shrub offers bright yellow flowers in Spring followed by blue-black fruits in late summer. The fruits are edible but tart, better used to make preserves or wine. Bernard M’Mahon served as the steward of the plants collected by Lewis and Clark on [...]

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Plants and their People pt.2 – Wisteria

Wisteria An unknown species of the vigorous vine with fragrant, drooping racemes of flowers ranging in color from white to pink to blue and purple. Adam Wistar (1761- 1818) was a physician at the School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. Thomas Nuttall named the plant in his honor but misspelled his name; [...]

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Plants and their People pt.2 – Claytonia perfoliata

Claytonia perfoliata An evergreen herbaceous native often associated with damp places such as stream sides. One of its common names is Miner’s Lettuce as it was one of the few greens that miners could find to supplement their often monotonous diet. John Clayton (1694-1773) was a plant collector/botanist in Virginia who supplied specimens to [...]

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Plants and their People pt.2 – Beesia deltophylla

Beesia deltophylla An evergreen perennial from Sichuan, China brought into cultivation by Dan Hinkley in 1998. Small white flowers decorate upright racemes in late spring, but most people grow it for its shade tolerance and handsome glossy foliage. The genus was named in 1915 for the plant nursery in England which financed plant expeditions [...]

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Plants and Their People – Picea smithiana

Picea smithiana Morinda Spruce. This lovely Himalayan spruce is one of two spruces that feature pendant branches to give it a graceful look. The other is the Brewer spruce, another native to the Siskiyou mountains named in recognition of a Scottish gardener who was the first to grow this plant in Scotland in the [...]

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Plants and Their People – Salix scouleri

Salix scouleri Scouler’s Willow A native that grows either as a shrubby tree or as a single-trunked specimen up to 50’. Dr. John Scouler, a Scottish physician and scientist, accompanied David Douglas (of Douglas fir fame) on the 1825 expedition to the PNW or as they called it – "The Oregon Country". [...]

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Plants and Their People – Kalmiopsis leachiana

Kalmiopsis leachiana Kalmiopsis is a rare member of the rhododendron family found only in isolated pockets in the Siskiyou Mts of southwestern Oregon. Discovered in 1930 by Lila Leach, who along with her husband, created and donated their garden to the City of Portland (Leach Botanic Garden) in 1972 which features other plants collected [...]

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