Here at the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden we are willing to grow almost any plant in a small container garden, especially ones not typically found in containers. Dogwoods, larches, or oak trees? Sure. Yes, these are supposed to be large trees, but why not. How about a bog garden full of wetland plants? Sounds good to us!

Container gardens possess a certain charming character and add a bit of whimsy to your garden. They also allow you to showcase interesting plants up close. Mareen Kruckeberg knew this well, and made many lovely containers during her lifetime.

If you want a truly unique container garden, then consider creating a bog garden in a container. Like miniature wetlands, they are filled with plants that want wet conditions, such as sedges, rushes, mosses, and unique natives like Devil’s club. With a wild and prehistoric look, they are a wonderful way to add a manageably-sized wetland to your garden.

Want to make one? We’re hosting our first ever “Bog-In-A-Bucket” Workshop on the afternoon of September 24. Join the Garden staff and make your own bog garden in a container to take home. We’ll provide the plants and all the materials. Inspiration is included free of charge, and easy to find here at the Garden!

Photo courtesy of Vicki Demetre.