A new year is opening before us, a new decade even. It seems only fitting that we update our eNews format with a new layout and look. We’re only one week into 2020 and already we have made some big changes. Go us! That’s not the only thing we’ve been up to in the first week of the year. Our friends at Champion Tree Service returned on the 2nd and we made big strides in opening up the lower garden for more light. They will return again this month to do more work in the upper garden, enhancing light conditions further. With the blustery weather this week, we’ve retreated indoors for a few days. I rolled up my sleeves and painted my office with a fresh coat of color and have started on the other office this evening. January is about renewal and I’m a big believer. Out with the old, in with the new or maybe just rehab the old and freshen it up. Either way, we’re on a roll with making improvements for both the garden and ourselves and it feels great.

Speaking of out with the old, we’re saying farewell to Jessi at the end of this month as she and her husband embark on a new adventure together. Jessi has led our programs this last year and has brought so much to the organization in such a short time. I’ve appreciated her drive and commitment, but more importantly her camaraderie. Something I might not miss is her stealthy quiet movements around the Garden house, scaring the life out of me from time to time. Quiet, like a ninja mouse this one. She might think that my sharing these photos is a form of payback, but they capture her joyful nature so well. Thanks for all the laughs, the hard work, and the friendship. All the best to you and Taylor in your new adventure.

As you’ll see in this month’s newsletter, we are welcoming a new member to the team, Emma MacDonald. Jessi and Emma have been working together this last month to make a smooth and efficient hand off for running                                                 programs and getting summer camps ready to go. And if you didn’t see it already, camp registrations are now open.

January is our Annual Membership meeting where we present our new board members and officers to the membership for a vote. Our good friend, Richie Steffen of the Miller Botanic Garden will be our guest speaker that night. One of our annual plant sale partners, Pamela Harlow of Botanica will be on hand to sell you some mid-winter gems for your garden.

Funny, January always seemed like a month to recharge and take time. Not so this year. As the year opens in front of us we are already working on planning and coordination for our year of events, classes, and general mayhem. We hope you’ll join us!

Warm regards,

Joseph Abken, Executive Director