These are things that we need and want for the garden:

Garden Hoses 100ft x 3 (examples) 50-foot hoses are also helpful.

Reliable Garden Vehicle – a full-size truck. It’s time to donate the garden truck to NPR! Sadly, it’s rusting out and the electrical is failing.

  • In the meantime, we are in need of a mechanic to assess the current issue. I believe it’s the starter that is failing. HELP! Contact


Two-wheeled versions are the easiest to handle, especially coming uphill with a load. A combination of dual and single-wheeled are very appreciated. Tubeless tires require less maintenance.

Bulbs for planting this fall

  • I’d like to order spring-flowering bulbs to plant this fall. An ideal budget for bulbs is $300 – 400. If you would like to contribute to our bulb request, you can indicate that in the online donation notes. For optimum effect, we need to buy in quantities of 25 to 50. Help us realize a dream of a crocus lawn in the lower garden. Thank you! Make a donation here.