Fall Into Phenology – Help us support Project BudBurst’s Equinox Event by helping us log 100 reports from the Garden between September 17-26. Choose a plant at the Garden and record a few simple observations about it. Support citizen science!

Don’t know what phenology is? Project Budburst’s website explains it well: “Changes in weather with the seasons, such as temperature and precipitation, signal many organisms to enter new phases of their lives. For example, buds form on plants as temperatures warm in the spring. As temperatures cool in the fall, deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves and become dormant. The study of the timing of these changes is called phenology.”

The timing of a plant’s leaf budding, flowering, and fruiting (plant phenophases) are influenced by day length and temperature. Scientists expect that the timing of these phases may change as climate change occurs. Project Budburst engages the public in the collection of observations of the timing of plant phenophases. Scientists can use the data to learn more about how plants are responding to changes in climate locally, regionally, and nationally.

Want to help? Come by the Garden September 16-18 or 23-25 and grab a phenology report form off of our kiosk. Find a plant, fill out the form, and return it to us. We’ll send your observations to Project Budburst.

It’s easy, and fun! We hope to see you at the Garden soon.