Raise your hand if you have PTSD about snow in February? I feel confident that we have passed through the snowiest portion of our winter. (See how I didn’t say ‘no more snow?’) This next week seems pretty mild and spring-like. I was outside all day on ‘Sun’-day, working in my garden, basking in the ‘warmth.’ February is typically a great month to start clearing away your protective layers from perennials and emerging bulbs. Remember to replace that material with a nice layer of mulch or compost.

At the Garden, we have begun clearing out some of the beds and putting down mulch. Fresh mulch makes everything look so clean and green. We primarily target the areas with herbaceous material, such as the Maianthemum in the upper Garden. We are finding simple and easy ways to give the Garden that cared for feeling in addition to improving the health of the soil and plants. We want to give a BIG thank you to Amy Lindemuth, who contributed to our mulch buying. (waving) Hi Amy!

With the warming weather and the emergence of spring, folks will be looking for plants to buy at MsK Nursery. The nursery will start to see fresh stock available in the coming weeks. Don’t forget, we have our annual Spring Ephemeral Sale at the end of March, on the 25th through the 27th. A reminder that members get access to the preview sale on the 24th.


The Garden is also looking to fill a part-time horticulture position by the first week of March. If you or someone you know is interested, please review the job description. (Job Description-Horticulturist). Applicants can submit resumes to joe@kruckeberg.org.

In addition to the garden position, we are seeking a seasonal program coordinator. (Seasonal Program Coordinator 2022) Applicants can submit resumes to programs@kruckeberg.org.

In closing, I have to acknowledge the recent article in the Seattle Times Pacific NW magazine. You can read the article here—what an outstanding recognition for our volunteers.