April showers bring May flowers!

It’s that time of year again, gardens across the Pacific Northwest are overflowing with flowers of all different sizes, shapes, and colors!

Below are self-guided activities, lessons, and other resources for students and their families to explore the power of flowers.

Arts & Crafts

FLOWER PETAL WATERCOLORS This activity from Animal Jam Academy lets you create natural watercolor paints using flower petals.

CHROMATOGRAPHY FLOWERS – Learn how to make easy tie-dye flowers using markers and coffee filters, created by the Gift of Curiosity blog

PRESERVING WILDFLOWERS Learn three easy methods to preserve flowers, brought to you by the U.S. Forest Service


WILDFLOWER COLORING PAGES – Wildflowers, color-by-number, and noxious weeds coloring pages by the U.S. Forest Service


PROJECT BOTANY –  An ecoregional curriculum created by the Institute for Applied Ecology. Lessons progress from basic plant identification into more advanced topics in botany, ethnobotany, ecology, and restoration. Check out “The Secret Life of Flowers” section on pages 43-51 for activities and lessons on flowers.