Mareen Kruckeberg began the Garden’s Mother’s Day Plant Sale and Open House in 1987, making this year the 25th anniversary of the event. It’s an exciting and historic year for us! Over the past 25 years thousands of people have visited the Sale. This year we have a couple of new, easy ways that supporters can get involved and give back. Read on!

First, we want to know what the Sale has meant to you over the years. Do you have stories to share about your experience at the Sale? We would love to hear about the plants that you purchased in the past. Tell us how they are doing now, or better yet, send a photo! We’ll feature these photos and stories in our publicity efforts and at the Sale itself.

Many plant sales feature a member donation table. This year, we are soliciting donations of plants that are the progeny of those purchased from the Nursery in the past. We will feature these donations on a special table, and all proceeds from their Sale will support the Garden and its programs for the community.

Do you have seedlings or divisions of plants that you purchased from us in the past? Want to donate? We would love to have your plants! Please, we can only accept progeny of plants that originally came from the Garden or are species that we have in the Garden. We would also appreciate if the plants are already in pots and ready to find new homes.

Please let me know ( sarah@kruckeberg.org) if you would like to donate plants, or provide photos and stories about what the Nursery and the Mother’s Day Sale has meant to you over the years. This is an easy and fun, yet valuable, way to give back to the Garden. Please do!