Winter term brings us Hans Tietjen, from the Edmonds College Horticulture program. A graduate and now board member of the Nathan Hale horticulture program, Hans has brought his A-Game to the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden. I remember proposing this project to Hans and thinking no one would want this one. Hans proved me wrong and impressed us with his eye for detail and creativity.

  Hans chose this area along the southern border of the Garden that has been languishing. A site that had a row of conifers that were shading out a sunny exposure has been sitting idle for about three years now. With the new light, we thought it would make an excellent location for a group of dwarf conifers that need to be planted and moved.

Hans has done a remarkable job of creating a space with remnants. Old logs, leftover boulders, river rock, and soil from a previous excavation in the Garden have come together beautifully.

Now, as you are descending into the lower Garden, you’ll be greeted with this charming display of dwarf conifers. There are a few more details to include this week, but this is pretty darn close to done. Thank you, Hans! Your work has been impeccable.