Photo credit:  Krzysztof Niewolny

Pollination makes the world go round!

But what is pollination? How does it work? And who does it?

The following self-guided lessons and activities take a close look at pollination and pollinators in our gardens.


PETAL ATTRACTION – Students invent models of flowers and then create advertisements to illustrate how their new flowers attract pollinators. A lesson by Kids Gardening for students grades 3-6.

BEES! – Learn the buzz about bees and the role they play in our gardens.

LIFE CYCLE OF A HONEY BEE – learn more about honey bees and their life cycle with Home Science Tools. Also includes a life cycle worksheet.

10 FACTS ABOUT HONEY BEES – Learn more about honey bees with National Geographic Kids.

BUTTERFLIES! – Explore the extraordinary life cycle of butterflies.

POLLINATOR’S JOURNEY  – This lesson plan (grades k-4) by the National Wildlife Federation encourages students to act out the journey of migratory pollinators.

Arts & Crafts

BUTTERFLY WINGS – Help create and color each butterfly’s wings! Draw in the other half of each butterflies wings and color them.

DRAW A MONARCH BUTTERFLY: SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION – Learn how to draw scientific illustrations with the American Museum of Natural History. 

Activities & Games

POLLINATOR JOURNAL – Created by KidsGardening, and the National Gardening Association, this handy journal helps students (Grades 4+) learn more about the pollinators buzzing in their own gardens.

CREATE A BEE BATH – Give bees a break! Learn how you can help thirsty pollinators by creating a bee bath just for them.

POLLINATOR MANCALA – Demonstrate the power of pollination in this fun outdoor activity.

ACT OUT THE LIFE OF A BUTTERFLY – This simple activity by PBS Kids lets your students wiggle, crawl, and flap their wings to act out the life cycle of a butterfly.


POLLINATORS: PUTTING FOOD ON THE TABLE – 3 minute video on the power of pollinators created by The Nature Conservancy’s Nature Lab.

THE WEIRD AND WONDERFUL METAMORPHOSIS OF THE BUTTERFLY – Ever wonder exactly how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly? This beautifully illustrated video explores the life of a butterfly, from start to finish. By Franziska Bauer for TedED.