The clouds are out & rain is falling in the Garden. Perfect!

This week’s activities are all about Rainy Day Play!

Rain is just what thirsty plants and animals need to grow and thrive in our gardens. Learn more about rain and it’s important role in the garden with this week’s indoor and outdoor activities.


PRESCHOOL WEATHER SCIENCE: HOW CAN WE STAY DRY? This is a fun and easy learning activity for young students to explore pervious and impervious surfaces and how they keep us dry! Brough to you by the blog PinkStripeySocks.

RAIN – This 2019 issue of Salish Magazine features several fascinating articles about some of rain’s interesting features, from the shape of its drops to its journey across our landscape, from poetry to geology.

Acitivities & Games

PLAY IN A PUDDLE! – No instructions needed! Just get out there and start splashing! Check out these 4 puddle activities by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

RAINY DAY SCAVENGER HUNT – Look for these items on your next rainy day walk!

WEATHER YOGA POSES FOR KIDS – Rain or shine, it’s always a good time for yoga! Act out differnt types of weather with these yoga poses for kids. Brough to you by Kid’s Yoga Stories, this article also features several books about weather to read with children.

MAKE A RAIN GAUGE – Just how much is it raining out there? Create a simple rain gauge to measure rainfall with this activity from ScienceSparks.

Arts & Crafts

RAINDROP ART – Let the rain lend a helping hand as you create a colorful work of art! All you need is coloring supplies and a little rain!

SHAKE! SHAKE! MAKE YOUR OWN RAINMAKER WITH KIDS! – Create a rainmaker stick using simple materials from around the house brought to you by PinkStripeySocks.

COLORFUL RAIN IN A GLASS – Make colorful rain using items found in your kitchen with this fun activity by MEL Science.

RAINY DAY PRINTABLES – Two fun print, cut, color activities by Krokotak.

Videos & More

THE GREAT AQUA ADVENTURE Learn about rain and it’s important role in the water cycle with this short video by Crash Course Kids. In this video you will also learn how to create your very own rain storm in your kitchen!