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Rosa banksiae var. lutea – Lady Banks’ rose

I really like this rose with its profuse light yellow double flowers and arching long canes and best of all – it’s thornless! Some people detect a light fragrance. It hails from central and western China and can be semi-evergreen in some winters. The common name honors Lady Dorothea Banks, wife of Sir Joseph Banks, the Director of Kew in 1807 when it came into cultivation by the plant explorer William Kerr (a plant named after him is Kerria japonica which is also in the rose family and can be found in the garden as well). Not a vine as such, Lady Banks’ rose weaves itself through branches of any nearby shrub or tree. Just in passing, Lady Banks collected china from all over the world, so much that the excess had to be stored in a dairy barn!

Rosa banksiae var. lutea