Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air! You may have noticed signs of spring around your neighborhood: sunshine, new plants, buzzing insects, and singing birds.

Below are self-guided activities, lessons, and other resources for stud=ents and their families to explore springtime in the Pacific Northwest.

Games & Activities

SIGNS OF SPRING WALKING FIELD TRIP – A fun and easy worksheet for students and their families.

BURSTING BUDS This simple activity by Project Learning Tree encourages students to take a closer look at buds.

INFERENCE SCAVENGER HUNT An inference is a conclusion made using evidence or reasoning. Use the clues given to infer what each backyard item might be.

ADJECTIVE SCAVENGER HUNT – An adjective is a word that helps describe a person, place or object. Using this worksheet, find objects in your neighborhood that fit each adjective.

NATURE WALK SCAVENGER HUNT – Spring Scavenger hunt by Ms. Makinson.


PUZZLED BY PHOTOSYNTHESISA series of activities by KidsGarden and the National Gardening Association demonstrating how plants photosynthesize (grade 5+). Some materials required.