By Roseann Beaudry, KBGF Horticulturist and MsK Nursery Manager

Looking for a special plant this year?  Our horticultural staff have identified some of their staff picks for our Mother’s Day Sale May 10-12, 2013.  Here’s Roseann’s pick for the sale:

Rhodiola rosea – roseroot stonecrop (syn. Sedum rosea) Crassulaceae

Our introduction to Roseroot came when Dr. Kruckeberg shared a journal article which discussed the ongoing modern research of this species. He thought that we should try to grow this interesting and lovely plant. Known as an herbal adaptagen, Roseroot has been used in traditional European and Asian medicine for over three thousand years.

Rhodiola rosea is native to extreme cold Nothern regions, including the Artic, and is found growing in humus-filled cracks on cliffs and over rocks along sea coasts and occasionally farther inland. Blooming in early summer, the plant is dioecious; the four parted female flowers are pink-red while the male flowers are greenish yellow, each growing at the tips of separate plants. The foliage is striking with pale, fleshy leaves that are spirally arranged around multiple stems.

Limited quantities will be available at the MDS sale.