Welcome back, Cyclamen hederifolium! Late each August, the ivy-leaved cyclamen send up their pink and white flowers all around the Garden. Their floral display starts as a trickle, with just a flower or two visible here and there, and becomes a cascade that peaks a few weeks later.

They ivy-leaved cyclamen will flower throughout the fall. Spring’s counterpart to Cyclamen hederifolium is the similar Cyclamen coum. Though smaller and less prolific, it flowers with gusto in early spring. Each time these two lovely species bloom, I am reminded how integral they are to the Garden’s woodsy character and subtle beauty. They are enchanting harbingers of fall and spring each year.

The cyclamen seem to have brought out the wildlife. During the last few days of August we had a barred owl visitor that lingered in the trees around the MsK Nursery. On the 19th, to our delight, the owl napped all day in plain sight despite chainsaws, tractors, and noisy visitors below. It attracted several groups of admirers.

Last weekend, neighbors found a baby grey squirrel on the ground near the Garden fenceline. When its mother did not retrieve it, I became squirrel mother for a day until I was able to take the squirrel to a wildlife rehabilitation center. Thanks to Sawyer Lake Veterinary Hospital for taking him in!

We all mark the changes in seasons in different ways. Whether your fall season begins with flowers, football, or back-to-school, we hope you enjoy the new season that will soon be upon us.