Trees really are Tree-mendous!

Go out on a limb and treet yourself this week to a bushel of lessons, activities, and crafts for the whole family.


PHOTOSYNTHESIS – This digital lesson by The Arbor Day Foundation walks students through the process of photosynthesis in plants and trees.

LIFE OF A TREE – Another digital lesson by The Arbor Day Foundation, this is a great synopsis of the function of a tree throughout its life.

BURKE FROM HOME: PLANT EDITION Learn about the unique adaptations trees and other plants use to survive and thrive in their environments! This lesson packet can be used by students of all ages but is best suited to grades 2-8, brought to you by the Burke Museum.

ALL ABOUT TREESLearn how to guess the age of a tree, what’s inside a tree’s trunk, what lives in a forest, why some trees never lose their leaves, and much more with this activity from HomeScienceTools. Contains two suggested tree science projects you can do at home or in the neighborhood.

Games & Activitrees

MEET A TREEIn this activity by Sharing Nature, students get to know a tree in a fun and memorable way. This is a fun and easy activity for all ages!

TREE FACTORY This interactive lesson by Project Learning Tree helps students learn about the parts of the tree through acting! This lesson is also available in Spanish. 

MAKE A NEIGHBORHOOD TREE GUIDEGet to know the trees in your neighborhood by creating a tree guide brought to you by KidWorldCitizen. Help others in your neighborhood learn about trees too! After making their tree guides, encourage students to use chalk to label trees next to the sidewalk.

LEAF TYPES – Learn about the different shapes of leaves in this fun scavenger hunt activity.

TREE PUZZLE – Cut and create your own tree with this activity from HomeScienceTools. 

Arts & Crafts

LEAF MANDALAS Create a colorful mandala using leaves! This is a fun and easy activity for students of all ages.  See more examples from Krokotak. 

POET-TREE – Get inspired by nature! Take children outdoors to observe a variety of trees and then encourage them to write a poem in this activity by Project Learning TreeAlso available in Spanish. 

MAKE A TREE SMILE – Get face to face with a tree with this fun activity for students of all ages by Childhood by Nature. 

SUN PRINTSUse the sun to create a unique and easy piece of art, brought to you by Animal Jam Academy.

TREE PAPER PULL CRAFT – Make a treehouse for forest critters in this fun activity from PinkStripeySocks.

Videos & More

WHAT IF YOU MADE A SONG WITH ONLY TREES? – Try getting this song out of your head. A fun and educational song about trees by AsapSCIENCE.

CAN PLANTS THINK?How can plants think without a brain? This 4 minute video by TedEd and AsapSCIENCE takes a look at some of the amazing ways plants behave.