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Trillium ovatum

Our native Trillium ovatum is a thing of beauty with clean, crisp white three ‘petaled’ flowers. The distinction between the parts of the flower is unclear enough that what are the showy parts we see are called ‘tepals’ but academic when considering making a home for one or more trilliums. Trilliums do best in dappled light with evenly moist, organically rich soils. A small patch is harder to miss than a single plant and much more effective. If kept moist after flowering, the plants will continue to build up food reserves for the next year. Come late summer, ants will visit the seed heads and take the seeds back to their nests. They’re interested in an attachment to the seed that is nutritious (called an elaisome) and drop the seed off en route. Oh, watch for the petals/tepals turning rose-colored as they age – it adds to the show.