Volunteers are a big part of what makes this garden so special! Please consider joining our team of excellent volunteers. We have a variety of  opportunities throughout the year for  you to  help sustain and improve the garden, both onsite and within the broader community. Whether your preference is to work with people, plants, or both, we have a job for you!

Call for Volunteers: We will be soliciting help with our upcoming special events, please add your name to our volunteer email list (volunteer@kruckeberg.org), to get involved.  We will need everything from help decorating with holiday lights, to drivers for our courtesy shuttles, and staffing the refreshment booths.  These events are fun, and take a community to put them on.  We’d love to have you.

All volunteers are required to fill out an Individual Volunteer Service agreement prior to participation. You can download the form here.

Visit us Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 10 am - 3 pm, admission is always free!

20312 15th Ave NW, Shoreline, WA 98177


Weekly Volunteer Work Party

Attend one of our drop-in work parties, every Thursday afternoon from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Come dressed for the weather and ready to work alongside our knowledgeable staff. Work gloves and water bottles are recommended.  Tasks vary from week to week, but a rough calendar can be found below. Please note that projects are subject to change.

November 1:  Taking down ‘Spooky Night’ decor, clean-up.  Raking leaves, collecting green bins.

November 8: Spreading wood chips on diagonal pathways connecting to the ‘meadow’, or, lower garden area.  Storm clean-up.

November 15: Begin decorating for ‘Solstice Stroll’, grooming pathways of debris on the route, start decorating key trees.

November 22:  Thanksgiving!  No work party, enjoy your holiday 🙂  We are THANKFUL for all of you.

November 29:  Continue preparations for ‘Solstice Stroll’, hanging more lights, organizing supplies, etc.

We can also schedule groups of volunteers from companies, professional organizations, clubs, universities, and schools to come to the garden for days of services, work parties, team-building, and more. Contact volunteer@kruckeberg.org for more information.

Special Events, Community Outreach, and Children’s Programs

Special Events

Help with our various special events throughout the year; Solstice Stroll, Spooky Night, Garden Party, Concert in the Park, etc.  All these events need extra planning, set-up, and your volunteer expertise to pull them off.

Community Event / Outreach Volunteers

Represent the Kruckeberg Botanic Garden at community outreach events such as the Shoreline Farmer’s Market or other local events.

Children’s Education volunteers

Lead field trips, work at Garden Tots, or help out with special events where we guide children on tours and activities in the Garden. Contact justforkids@kruckeberg.org for more details.