Most deciduous cuttings are usually done in Spring, Summer, or Fall, when there is new stem growth.Cuttings for propagation of evergreens, however, are best taken during the winter chill. The reason for this is that seasonally cold temperatures and shorter daylight hours induce rooting in these plants.

So, for the last month, the KBG Garden Staff have been taking cuttings of evergreen conifers and some broad-leaved evergreens.A rooting hormone is applied to the ends of the cuttings.The cuttings are placed vertically into a mist bench of sand and pumice.This temporary home will optimize their chances of successful rooting.Usually, rooting will take place within a 3 – 9 month period, but some very slow growing plants can take up to a year (or more!) to form roots.Each group of cuttings is labeled with species name and propagation date.Notes are taken to ensure there is a detailed record.

The mist benches are located in the greenhouse between the courtyard and the nursery at KBG.When you walk by, take a peek through the windows at the mist benches where the Garden Staff are propagating a variety of species from the garden.

Are you interested in improving your propagation skills? A new propagation workshop series is being offered at KBG this spring. Check it out!